The Wedding Chuppah/ Marriage Canopy
by the TALLITmaaven

This page was last updated: October 27, 2015
BELOW:  This 100" x 100" chuppah is a 'memory quilt' created by the loved ones of the bride and groom.  They sent 44 squares to friends and family and asked them to decorate them and return them  to the bride's mother.
Marilyn cropped and arranged them into this wonderful chuppah for the wedding ceremony.  Afterwards it will be a magnificent wall hanging for their home. 
The picture to the left was taken on a king sized bed.  The navy border cannot be seen in this picture.  
The chuppah will be carried down the aisle by four friends and held by four family members during the ceremony.  
The four deceased grandparents' pictures are above the bride's and groom's positions for the ceremony.  The bride and groom will feel their presence.  Some of the squares are photo transfers and some have been artistically prepared.  All transmit the good wishes of the relatives and friends.
The fabric squares sent out to the guests were burgundy, gold, green or blue.  The squares of the most intimate friends and closest family are in the 'inner square', and more casual acquaintances are in the 'outer square'.  Let's make wonderful memories together.  contact Marilyn, the Tallitmaaven.

" When it's HANDMADE it means that it comes from the HEART 

challah challah challah matzoh matzoh matzo matzo havdalah covers cover watercolor kippah kippah cipah cipa talis tallit tallis talit tallitot created hadnmade Marilyn Levy Hamilton Ontario is a phenomenal artist who believes in Hiddur mitzvvah embellishing the mitzvah.  Hala hallah Menuchah Judaic CHALLAH COVER HALLAH CHALLA HALA Shabbos  Shabbas Sabbath Queen Shabbas matzah matza matzoh matzoh Pesach Pacques Passover kiddish cup wine Marilyn Levy Hamilton Ontario kepa challah hallah challa hala chala challa cover r Shabas Shabos Sabbath Shabbos Shabbas High Holyday Rosh Hashonah holiday Yom Kippur Sukkot Sukkoth Israel Kiddish cup wine Purim kipa kepa Kippah Yarmulke scull cap scullcap huppah chuppah hupa chupah talis tallis talit tallit Var Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Mitzva B'nai Mitzvah Jewish Judaic Judaica Yiddishkheit hand made by hand created by hand CCamp Ramah Moshava Yung Judea Shalom Kadimah Chanukkah Chanukah Chanuka Hanukah Hanuka Hanuuka Hanukka Chanukka Chanukkah Sukkos Sukkot Succoth Simahat Torah Simchas Torah Ssimcha celebration
Marilyn Levy, a custom textile artist from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, is known as the TALLITmaaven.  She creates hand made Tallitot/ Tallis/ Talis/ Talesim/ talis katan and talit gadol.  She creates coordinating Tallit bags, Tefillin bags, shofar bags and kippot/ kipas/ keepahs/ yarmulkes to complete the TALLIT/ talis set..  
The TALLITmaaven's challah covers are treasured by their recipients for their personalization (matching decor, fine china, user's personalities, matching theme for weddings or B'nai mitzvot.).  The TALLITmaaven prides herself in creating beautiful items that will be cherished for generations to come.
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On the rear of the chuppah are five squares.  
From Left to Right:  
Music:  The groom is a cantorial student and music is an important part of the life of this young couple.  
Jerusalem:  This young couple has a commitment to Israel and to their Judaism as an ongoing and integral part of their lives.
Dedication Square:  
Day and Night:  Night and Day:  Day turns into night and night turns into day, and again and again.  
Camping/Canoeing:  This young couple loves to camp and to canoe.  This square represents this important part of their life together.  

All designs shown are the property of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission, in writing.
RIGHT:  Silk Chuppah created with the goal of becoming a wall hanging in the newlyweds' home.  It measures 45" wide by 56" high.  The background is a nubby beige/taupe textured silk.  The sun is dupioni silk.        Three pomegranates containing approximately 613 beads and French knots represent the 613 mitzvot.  The leaves are on silk velvet tree/branches.  Leaves are various colours of silk and various textures.  The phrase on top of the chuppah was taken from the phrase on the wedding invitations.  The Hebrew date and the names of the bride and groom are also embroidered.  The chuppah/wall hanging was created with love.  
Notice that the number of leaves are counted out into multiples of 18.

Would you like a special chuppah to be a remembrance of such a wonderful occasion? Let's make wonderful memories together. Contact Marilyn, the TALLITmaaven for details. 
TREE of LIFE Chuppah
All of our Friends & Relatives created squares for our Chuppah!!
CHUPPAH from the Bride's late father's TIES
The Bride wanted her late Father's presence at her wedding.  Marilyn was commissioned to create this 'TIE' Chuppah from sixteen ties from his collection.  The circle of ties represents the circle of life--never ending.  The pomegranates have approximately 613 hand beaded and embroidered seeds in each one to represent the 613 mitzvot a Jew is commanded to perform.  The bride and groom's names are embroidered in Hebrew along with "Onee ledodi, ledodi lee".  
The body of this chuppah is created of dupioni silk to compliment Father's silk ties.
An Art Quilt hanger is built into this masterpiece so that it will enhance the walls of the newlywed's home for many years.
Want to create a wonderful memory?  Contact Marilyn the TALLITmaaven.
View three Chuppot custom designed by Marilyn for three couples.  
Commissions for synagogue chuppot, family heirloom chuppot and  or individual chuppot welcomed.
RIGHT:  Unique "Tree of Life" kippah for the bridal party who want to remember the occasion with a meaningful remembrance of the occasion.  This "Tree of Life" is embroidered in silver and irridescent threads flowing all around the kippah.  The kippah shown is embroidered on white brocade, and can be  embroidered on your choice of silk, rayon, cotton, bamboo or polyester.  Contact the TALLITmaaven to create your special kippot for bridal party and for the guests.
LEFT:  For a Cleveland wedding where the theme was ecology, the EITZ CHAYIM kippah was created for the wedding party, fathers, grandfathers, g-dfathers etc.  The taupe tree is embroidered onto ecru linen with leaves of various shades of loden green.   Contact Marilyn to carry through meaningful themes for your very special wedding.
LEFT:  SQUARE prepared by the TALLITmaaven to be contributed to the chuppah of a Summer 5773/2013 bride in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  This colourful square celebrates the bride's love of bright colours, music, the Shabbat and Israel.  The candlesticks and the kiddish cup are embroidered in textured silver metallic threads.  The kiddish cup and the candlesticks and flame have hand beading.  
ABOVE:  white shamrock kippah for a 5773 wedding held in a Chicago Irish Pub.  
LEFT:        WHITE SILK CHIFFON kippah for the bride to wear under a veil for the wedding,  and a hat for the High Holydays.
LEFT:  WHITE velvet Bukharan Kippah embossed with two toned Magen David created for a bridegroom in Vermont.  The kippah is lined in silk.  The gentleman will wear this white velvet kippah for the High Holy Days. (5775)
left:  ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE    LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.   A very creative invitation for a Sydney Australian wedding.  A guest was looking for a very special gift for the couple who already has everything.  We created a  quilted challah cover with a tunnel rod holder on the underside that will hang on the wall when not being used as a challah cover.  It will be used for the moitze/blessings at the wedding dinner as well.  
Send a scan of the invitation you would like to have  re-created in fabric for a lasting meaningful gift.  Bar and Bat Mitzvah and other occasion invitations welcomed.  Send the invitations to the TALLITmaaven.
BELOW:  Bat Mitzvah invitation with gorgeous cherry blossoms.  The challah cover and kippah pick up the cherry blossom theme and are a fond remembrance of the occasion and the family members who commissioned this very special and meaningful gift.                                        
Custom challah covers, wall hangings can be created from invitations, to coordinate with special dishes, or décor.  Contact the TALLITmaaven to discuss creating fibre art for your next special gift.